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Toyota Land Cruiser

How does Toyota get so many things right, yet get a couple of really important things wrong?

They have two of the most sought after used vehicles in the world. The Toyota Supra Turbo and the Toyota Landcruiser. One they stopped making and the Land Cruiser is just made in limited quantity and most people cannot afford or justify the high price of a new one.

I have so many questions that can never be answered! A. Why hasn't Toyota built another high speed twin turbo sports car for the world to enjoy? Why? What is keeping them from entering this space again? B. Why is the new Land Crusier so damn ugly. It looks like crap. It has no power lines or aggressive or solid looking edges. It looks like a Chevy SUV you would end up with from Hertz as you get the parking lot in Orlando.

I love the Prius. I love the Pickups. I love the Camry. The Yaris and Matrix look amazing. Why is their best and brightest given the least amount of attention when it comes to its design?

I suspect that this will be the least sought after Land Cruiser in used car or used truck history. It will still hold its value no doubt but many will be looking for the older body style or wait a few more years for a redesign.

If you are an executive at Toyota or you know one. Get me some answers!!

We love Toyota but go get some of that Pursuit of Excellence from your neighbors at Lexus! But even they still have the same design for their LX SUV. Oh well. You cannot get it right 100% of the time. We have to be super grateful for the Prius and Camry.

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